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List of Parts Manufactured from Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter is a reputable producer of many notable designs for both the civil and military markets. Because of their consistent history tracing back to 1914, the team at Aviation Distribution is proud to offer parts manufactured by Bell Helicopter. We supply and source items such as 70-061J000A203A, 70-046K000Y132, 222-375-077-121, 010-10546-01, 011-00351-00, and other items from popular aviation parts manufacturers. Browse the list below and you’ll see Hose Assembly, Pressure Transducer, Data Card, Connector Kit, Connector and more from Bell Helicopter. We’re proud to partner with aerospace manufacturers like Bell Helicopter because we strive to deliver nothing short of quality certified parts to our clients.

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Part No RFQ
70-061J000A203A RFQ
70-046K000Y132 RFQ
222-375-077-121 RFQ
010-10546-01 RFQ
011-00351-00 RFQ
70-010M000T110 RFQ
030-00101-0000 RFQ
70-061K000H234A RFQ
70-052KL000T400 RFQ
70-078F000Y100 RFQ
70-009F000F270A RFQ
70-061L000V103A RFQ
70-061K000T400A RFQ
212-076-315-101 RFQ
03-6010-15 RFQ
70-061H000A126A RFQ
70-009E000A184A RFQ
222-375-019-103 RFQ
70-009F000D126A RFQ
70-061W189E189A RFQ
70-052L000Y384 RFQ
70-076H220Z144 RFQ
70-009K120W370A RFQ
03-09-2042 RFQ
70-030M251B140 RFQ
222-366-644-3 RFQ
70-026A103-00L RFQ
206-032-489-101 RFQ
70-012W000V250 RFQ
214-076-317-101 RFQ
70-009H270Z100A RFQ
70-010L090B194 RFQ
70-009F000X145A RFQ
70-010K304Z134 RFQ
70-061F000X304A RFQ
406-375-002-101 RFQ
70-061J000V320A RFQ
70-009H320W084 RFQ
70-061H270B085A RFQ
70-009J000V372A RFQ
70-061F160Z190A RFQ
70-009E000Y640 RFQ
70-009G000H164A RFQ
206-076-035-103 RFQ
70-066P140B370 RFQ
70-061L248W160A RFQ
70-010F000D200 RFQ
70-061K000C190A RFQ
70-077N000V0174 RFQ
70-009F225F190A RFQ
01-0770285-11 RFQ
70-032L000A070 RFQ
70-061T000D430A RFQ
70-061T000Y120A RFQ
70-034K000A164A RFQ
03-06-2024 RFQ
222-375-077-107 RFQ
030-01157-0011 RFQ
02FC07-134 RFQ
70-034K180W086A RFQ
70-079E000X050 RFQ
70-076J000D234 RFQ
70-010F000X114 RFQ
70-031A0202-000 RFQ
70-010L000W360 RFQ
030-02044-0001 RFQ
70-010J085C080 RFQ
70-061J000V152A RFQ
70-010J000V384 RFQ
206-031-108-028 RFQ
70-061F180E354A RFQ
70-061L000G112A RFQ
70-009M000T155A RFQ
70-034M000T234A RFQ
70-010J000A204 RFQ
70-030F000D166 RFQ
70-010M000A214 RFQ
70-032K000A081 RFQ
01-0770285-40 RFQ
212-030-076-004 RFQ
212-076-006-003 RFQ
70-009K000T102A RFQ
70-010F030Z191 RFQ
206-033-600-119 RFQ
0108144-07 RFQ
70-061J000A200A RFQ
205-076-034-009 RFQ
70-010L000T171 RFQ
70-061F000Z580A RFQ
70-010L000A240 RFQ
375X250PTR-S RFQ
407-030-635-102 RFQ
030-2044-01 RFQ
02-0511-0132 RFQ
205-030-285-002 RFQ
70-010J000V283 RFQ
206-076-034-003 RFQ
206-031-108-025 RFQ
70-031A0140-000 RFQ
70-060V000X106 RFQ
206-031-108-034 RFQ
212-076-006-007 RFQ
02-4107-02 RFQ
70-010J000T274 RFQ
70-010L000V360 RFQ
204-030-673-045 RFQ
011-01746-01 RFQ
1875X1375SPBC RFQ
70-012T000V210 RFQ
70-061G000H162A RFQ
70-066L000L160 RFQ
70-061H000V272A RFQ
70-010H000T050 RFQ
70-061F000X224A RFQ
206-033-676-102 RFQ
01-0771424-25 RFQ
70-010K000G062 RFQ
70-034J000V270A RFQ
70-079F000Y100 RFQ
01-0770019-23 RFQ
70-009E180E150A RFQ
222-366-643-1 RFQ
003262 103 00 RFQ
70-010H000A125 RFQ
70-009F090Z104 RFQ
70-061Y000A724A RFQ
70-010J000C080 RFQ
206-033-115-165 RFQ
204-030-459-002 RFQ
70-061F000Y615A RFQ
70-061H000T330A RFQ
030-2221-00 RFQ
206-076-034-101 RFQ
70-061H000V081A RFQ
017498 RFQ
030-2190-00 RFQ
70-061H112B116A RFQ
70-010F345F304 RFQ
70-010F000X146 RFQ
70-061F000F185A RFQ
70-010F000T124 RFQ
206-033-663-119 RFQ
003262 104 00 RFQ
70-010K000A136 RFQ
70-010F000Y162 RFQ
412-030-308-137 RFQ
011-02268-10 RFQ
70-032K000G164 RFQ
407-030-115-125 RFQ
206-031-108-027 RFQ
70-009H000T214A RFQ
130-020-003 RFQ
70-012T000T224 RFQ
70-009H245B082A RFQ
02-06-1103 RFQ
02S0711-15 RFQ
70-009K000A200A RFQ
70-061L000A146A RFQ
70-079F000D070 RFQ
406-075-837-101 RFQ
70-009L000Y324A RFQ
70-034F000A194A RFQ
70-061V285C094 RFQ
02314-0014-0001 RFQ
70-061L160W202A RFQ
206-032-500-019 RFQ
70-072K000C222 RFQ
70-061K000T294A RFQ
70-061G000Y196A RFQ
70-010M000T260 RFQ
70-079H000D132 RFQ
70-030F000G180 RFQ
70-009H000C180A RFQ
70-034Z105W234A RFQ
206-032-500-020 RFQ
02FC135 RFQ
70-034M030W125A RFQ
70-009H300B122A RFQ
70-061H180W740A RFQ
019059-5 RFQ
70-010H000T101 RFQ
407-706-301-106 RFQ
02W1633-140 RFQ
011-00987-10 RFQ
407-030-118-107 RFQ
70-061J000H493A RFQ
70-059V000V214 RFQ
70-009F000X074A RFQ
01-0771011-01 RFQ
70-009L180C071A RFQ
03-06-1023 RFQ
206-033-602-267 RFQ
204-030-673-057 RFQ
70-053T270E125A RFQ
011-00779-70 RFQ
70-012W000W166 RFQ
70-061G000Y166A RFQ
02S367-110 RFQ
70-046F000D161 RFQ
70-066M050P130 RFQ

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