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List of Parts Manufactured from L 3 Avionics

L 3 Avionics is a reputable producer of many notable designs for both the civil and military markets. Because of their consistent history tracing back to 1914, the team at Aviation Distribution is proud to offer parts manufactured by L 3 Avionics. We supply and source items such as 2202230000, 202-10003-001, 10-1000-1053-6, 289A653VR12F560, 17D170383, and other items from popular aviation parts manufacturers. Browse the list below and you’ll see Madras Navy C 12, Emc Switch Rotary 12 P, Ic Arinc 429 Line Driv, Res Met Film 5 6K 5W 5, Wshr Frict 12Id 03Od and more from L 3 Avionics. We’re proud to partner with aerospace manufacturers like L 3 Avionics because we strive to deliver nothing short of quality certified parts to our clients.

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Part No RFQ
2202230000 RFQ
202-10003-001 RFQ
10-1000-1053-6 RFQ
289A653VR12F560 RFQ
17D170383 RFQ
24A508340P01 RFQ
44B358248P001 RFQ
26-1002-9694-1 RFQ
100A0224-04 RFQ
418E314342 RFQ
44B359394P002 RFQ
44C255909P006 RFQ
44A340180G001 RFQ
44A352304P002 RFQ
205E397712 RFQ
363A0822-09 RFQ
44D357924G002 RFQ
26-1008-2794-3 RFQ
26-1006-2426-6 RFQ
1N3620 RFQ
230E094900 RFQ
44C256833P122 RFQ
44A353925P006 RFQ
26-1004-9826-5 RFQ
44A350081P004 RFQ
50-0134 RFQ
106-10003-001 RFQ
2979800113 RFQ
401-10028-001 RFQ
44A353981P001 RFQ
002-12401-002 RFQ
2360041908 RFQ
1N5364B RFQ
289A650YN11E536 RFQ
44B350293P001 RFQ
320A0153-01 RFQ
289A651ZL12F226 RFQ
44C256833P032 RFQ
17S194 RFQ
44A354384P020 RFQ
26-1006-1857-3 RFQ
1789800066 RFQ
111A9976P105 RFQ
44B353079G001 RFQ
3S2060DM169A3 RFQ
17TES0059 RFQ
2100404253 RFQ
44A354384P005 RFQ
101A0001-18 RFQ
1-2106 RFQ
204-10015-001 RFQ
209A0003 RFQ
26-1008-8790-5 RFQ
44B255855P001 RFQ
501-1098-01 RFQ
44B353270P001 RFQ
401-10019-001 RFQ
44B353078P002 RFQ
2810003903 RFQ
24E508314P01 RFQ
1N753A RFQ
360A0020-02 RFQ
1N754A RFQ
44A258876P006 RFQ
360-10013-001 RFQ
401-10031-001 RFQ
44A358046P002 RFQ
4-6001SA5 RFQ
44B255504P020 RFQ
371A0153-02 RFQ
2316120300 RFQ
320A6492-01 RFQ
44B256222P002 RFQ
44C351998P001 RFQ
2520068904 RFQ
17A131S RFQ
44A352314P001 RFQ
101-10027-001 RFQ
2290200085 RFQ
44A356895P001 RFQ
17TES0425 RFQ
2480205902 RFQ
2290200325 RFQ
1N746A RFQ
44B350237P001 RFQ
501-1119-01 RFQ
205E397713 RFQ
262-9002-001 RFQ
204-10021-001 RFQ
24C508327G01 RFQ
2100102091 RFQ
2100800100 RFQ
10-1000-1052-8 RFQ
24E508294G01 RFQ
101A0004-13 RFQ
289A650YN11F133 RFQ
101-10131-001 RFQ
44A354384P002 RFQ
401-10030-001 RFQ
17A5420301 RFQ
289A651VA01D330 RFQ
320-10021-001 RFQ
2530068905 RFQ
27010045 RFQ
406-10002-001 RFQ
164B7214G001 RFQ
401-10026-001 RFQ
44B350517G001 RFQ
2170-20801-01 RFQ
1002010101 RFQ
26-1003-4724-9 RFQ
501-1123-03 RFQ
44D357926G002 RFQ
17TES0423 RFQ
101A0023-09 RFQ
014-10003-024 RFQ
26-1006-1762-5 RFQ
26-1006-5218-4 RFQ
44A256667P004 RFQ
100-10005-001 RFQ
363A0104-09 RFQ
002-18000-0002 RFQ
44A353336P029 RFQ
2299800465 RFQ
44A354378P001 RFQ
1-1028 RFQ
2530223901 RFQ
002-18650-002 RFQ
14931002100 RFQ
24C508414G01 RFQ
44A355500P001 RFQ
2N3706 RFQ
352A33ZA5-01 RFQ
24A508232P004 RFQ
44B355483P001 RFQ
44B256252P005 RFQ
44C350406G001 RFQ
44A350028P011 RFQ
24C508351P01 RFQ
400-10003-001 RFQ
2100101051 RFQ
44B253315P005 RFQ
2100404400 RFQ
44C355259P002 RFQ
4040-10001-01 RFQ
17TES0400 RFQ
2500119901 RFQ
44B241084P001 RFQ
360-10018-001 RFQ
205A0009 RFQ
44A354639P003 RFQ
1N2983B RFQ
205E397719 RFQ
205E250213 RFQ
500-10004-001 RFQ
24C508315P01 RFQ
289A651YA02F267 RFQ
1003020100 RFQ
26-1006-1098-4 RFQ
400A0012 RFQ
400A0006 RFQ
44C355223P002 RFQ
14931003104 RFQ
101A0041-04 RFQ
2219800055 RFQ
44C256833P111 RFQ
0010-18000-02 RFQ
2530058902 RFQ
1N967B RFQ
26-1006-2424-1 RFQ
320A4992-01 RFQ
44B256547P001 RFQ
1789800079 RFQ
101A0023-10 RFQ
2480168901 RFQ
046E028501 RFQ
002-10955-002 RFQ
101A0023-8 RFQ
1-1301 RFQ
44A352360P015 RFQ
382A0019-12 RFQ
44B358213P001 RFQ
4-2022SA2 RFQ
301-10018-001 RFQ
360-10026-001 RFQ
205E004700 RFQ
1N5616 RFQ
014-10003 RFQ
44A354378P003 RFQ
501-10003-001 RFQ
100A0422-05 RFQ
26-1006-2432-4 RFQ
1N4372A RFQ
2480168902 RFQ
1N756A RFQ
44A340322P005 RFQ
3S2791FB100F9 RFQ
44C242611G001 RFQ
111A9976P115 RFQ
1-2110 RFQ

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