Modern gas turbine engines, whether used for aerospace or power generation applications, are composed of a wide range of components expected to endure varying stressors and temperature conditions. As such, material selection for such powerplants necessitates an understanding of the role that each component plays in the engine’s overall operation. To begin, components must be able to handle high loads and excessive vibration, in addition to being able to resist oil, oxidation, or abrasives entering the engine.

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In the realm of aviation, there are a variety of systems that may be used to create the thrust necessary for forward momentum. While most early aircraft depended on pistons and propellers for their propulsion, modern aircraft now often take advantage of the gas turbine, that of which is also used in industrial settings for power generation. Gas turbine engines come in a variety of subtypes, those of which include turbojets, turbofans, turboprops, and turboshafts. While each slightly varies in design and power production, all follow a similar set of operations. In this blog, we will discuss gas turbines in more detail, allowing you to have a better understanding of how they are put together and operate.

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