Propelling aircraft and driving various industrial applications, gas turbines have long been a cornerstone of power generation. These remarkable machines utilize the principles of thermodynamics to convert the energy stored in fuel into mechanical work. To better understand how they function, we will delve into the assembly of gas turbine engines and their different types, which will showcase their versatility and wide-ranging applications.

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Gas turbine engines are a staple of many modern aircraft, allowing fuel and air to be optimally compressed, mixed, and ignited for the means of generating the propulsive force necessary for forward momentum and lift. While gas turbine engines are quite reliable and advanced, they can still face various problems from time to time which may detract from their overall performance and operability. Whether it is knowing how to fix the issue of plugged filters or dysfunctional fuel nozzles, having a general understanding of basic turbine maintenance for small but common issues is essential for any operator or owner.

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When the Wright brothers took flight in 1903, many wondered how a plane could generate the power necessary to propel a 350 ton Boeing 747 into the air and keep it cruising at more than 640 mph. The extraordinary nature of these powerhouses is fascinating, even for those who get to work with them on a daily basis. As such, this blog will cover jet engines, the incredible apparatuses that make flight possible.

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