Common Issues Faced by Gas Turbine Engines

Gas turbine engines are a staple of many modern aircraft, allowing fuel and air to be optimally compressed, mixed, and ignited for the means of generating the propulsive force necessary for forward momentum and lift. While gas turbine engines are quite reliable and advanced, they can still face various problems from time to time which may detract from their overall performance and operability. Whether it is knowing how to fix the issue of plugged filters or dysfunctional fuel nozzles, having a general understanding of basic turbine maintenance for small but common issues is essential for any operator or owner.

 Across turbine engines, many issues commonly come down to screws, tie-rods, bolts, or nuts that have not been properly installed and/or tightened onto an assembly. Generally, this happens as a result of installation being carried out without a torque wrench, one instead using the more conventional “elbow” approach to gaging torque. This is a basic mistake as torque limits exist for a reason. To ensure that the correct limits are used, one should refer to the maintenance manual of the assembly in question while using a torque wrench to ensure everything is optimal.

 Another common issue faced by gas turbine engines is incorrect o-ring installations, and such problems can even lead to failures if one is not careful. In many cases, failures are a result of one utilizing an older packing component longer than it should be used, or even reusing it. Over time, o-rings and other gaskets will gain cracks, pitting, and deformation, making it important to inspect them before each use. Additionally, one should ensure the right part number is used, as even color coding can be deceiving.

As one last example of typical issues, one will also need to be careful when conducting clamp inspections in order to prevent failures. A standard assembly may feature hundreds of clamps, all of which must be looked over during each inspection with care. Broken, loose, or worn clamps are easy to overlook, and letting one go amiss can quickly lead to serious problems such as oil, fuel, or hydraulic fluid loss. Generally, drooping or distress are the biggest signs of clamp issues, and replacement is even recommended when one simply suspects a problem.

Aside from such examples, it is highly recommended that gas turbine engines are regularly inspected and maintained by qualified personnel to guarantee that all potential issues are found and treated efficiently. While many parts may simply be repaired or overhauled when something is amiss, there may be issues that require complete part replacement to maintain safety and airworthiness. In the instances that you need a replacement part, make sure to purchase your required products from a reputable distributor that you can trust. Luckily for you, Aviation Distribution is your sourcing solution with over 2 billion new, used, obsolete, and hard-to-find items ready for purchase on our website at any time.

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