The Current and Projected State of the Aircraft Filter Market

As the aviation industry continues to grow and the need for filter replacements is ever present, the global aircraft filter market has seen consistent expansion over the years. As of the present, the global aircraft filter market has been projected to grow around 21.75% over the years between 2021 and 2026, featuring a CAGR of 4.0% across the same period. This growth is due to various factors, examples being a steady increase of aircraft renewals and deliveries.

 With the ongoing pandemic, aircraft filter production and services have decreased. For 2020, many industry experts have estimated that the overall market was affected by 7-10% worldwide. Additionally, the end-use industry has also seen such effects, and aircraft orders and deliveries dipped during 2020. Despite projected growth, the COVID-19 pandemic has established signs of a slow recovery of the aircraft filters market as of the present. For rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft, the major market players include Parker Hannifin Corporation, Donaldson Inc., Safran, Porvair PLC, and Freudenberg & Co.KG.

Aircraft filter market dynamics are affected by the short replacement cycle of such products, serving as a key factor in the driving demand that is present in the MRO sector. Replacement of aircraft filters is dependent on the amount of flight hours that they have undergone, or calendar days if such limits are reached first. Generally, the average lifespan of aircraft filters can range from 300 to 3,500 flight hours depending on their type and use, or 6 to 18 months if based on calendar dates. As passenger traffic increases with domestic and international travel resuming, a higher number of filter replacement cycles will ensue. In the last decade, the industry oversaw an increase of 1.8 billion passengers, thus playing a role in the increasing demand for aircraft filters.

 As aircraft manufacturers such as Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd., Embraer SA, and Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation continue to rise and establish a stronger market in the Asia Pacific and Latin American regions, the aircraft filter market has more opportunity to expand. Other companies in these areas are also in the midst of expanding their passenger capacities, thus also playing a role in market growth. These opportunities will be met with some challenges, however, including the rise in demand for electric and alternative fuel aircraft.

 As more manufacturers and industry players call for reduced emissions and carbon footprints, more research is being put into aircraft that operate on hydrogen power or other alternative fuel types. Due to their more simplistic construction, such aircraft would require less parts and filters. Additionally, the removal of combustion gases would mean that fuel filters would no longer be needed. Nevertheless, steady increases in fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAV systems as of the present will still cause a rise in the market over the next few years.

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