The Importance of GPUs for Aviation

Aircraft can produce their own power, it is often not economically feasible or safe to do so while on a runway near an airport, or next to a hangar. To remedy such issues, operators rely on GPUs which are an efficient solution that power aircraft while saving money and fuel.

While on the runway between flight operations, aircraft may still require power for the means of testing systems, maintaining lighting, providing the interior with air conditioning, assisting workers in conducting turnovers, and much more. This leads to the importance of GPU equipment, as it can ensure that an aircraft receives power with the specific current, frequency, and voltage required for necessary procedures to be carried out. As stated before, some GPUs may either be fixed or mobile, the latter being a type that allows for more versatile operations as the unit can be moved around as required. In such instances, the portable GPU will most likely operate through battery power.

As Ground Power Units are used for numerous aircraft throughout the day, especially in bigger airports with multiple airliners, they are typically designed to be compatible with most aircraft models and systems. Nevertheless, airliners and aircraft operators must ensure that they purchase or use a GPU that is compatible with the aircraft they are operating to prevent any issues from occurring. For general aircraft, small jets, and turboprop aircraft, GPUs that are 12V or 24V systems are the most common. Meanwhile, commercial airlines and larger business jets may need an AC electrical system that operates on a 400 Hz band range. As such, one should refer to manufacturer specifications or aircraft manuals prior to making a decision.

Aside from the engine and GPUs, aircraft with auxiliary power units may be able to generate electricity, but this is often not advantageous as it will produce high emission and loud noises. With GPUs, power can be efficiently delivered to aircraft systems while minimizing emissions and noise. This is extremely important for safety as it allows for personnel to work in and around the aircraft with safety and ample ability to communicate.

For pilots that are training to fly, GPUs open up an opportunity for learning in a safe, controlled environment. Instead of having a pilot train in a simulated cockpit or while in the air, they can practice using all controls and instruments while the aircraft is powered on the ground. This creates better muscle memory, leading to pilots with increased skills and capabilities.

The final major benefits of GPUs are their potential self-sufficiency and the convenience that they provide. If the GPU is battery powered, it can be a reliable way to get your aircraft up and running regardless of other issues that may be occurring. Additionally, GPUs increase convenience as many processes can be quickly carried out with ease to get an aircraft up and running again to minimize downtimes. If you find yourself in need of top-quality GPU parts and components for your operations, look no further than Aviation Distribution.

Aviation Distribution is a premier purchasing platform owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, and we are your sourcing solution for all GPU hardware and components that you need. With our peerless dedication to quality control and export compliance, we proudly conduct operations with AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015, and FAA AC 00-56B accreditation. Furthermore, we can meet the time constraints of our customers with expedited shipping and same-day shipping options for those with AOG requirements. Get in contact with a representative today and see how Aviation Distribution can serve you!


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