What are the Main Parts of an Airplane?

There are many parts to an airplane, but few people really take notice of such parts when boarding an airplane. While it’s definitely not a necessity for the average person to know all about important plane parts and their functions, it can still be beneficial for you to know more about what you’re boarding, and it should make the experience that much more interesting. Below is a brief outline of the main parts of an airplane and what their functions are.


The engine is one of the essential parts of the plane responsible or contributing to flight. They are the cylindrical parts that propel the plane forward and are usually found under (sometimes above) the wings. Their purpose is to push the plane forward by pushing air backwards. All engines do this, whether it’s a jet engine or a simple propeller.


The tail of the wing is made up of the rudder and the elevator, which are moveable flaps on the tail that keep the plane flying and help with the aircraft’s stabilization. The vertical flap is called the rudder, which is used to point the plane left or right. The elevators are the two horizontal flaps that point the plane up or down.


Needless to say, the wings are an important part of flight for an aircraft. But the science behind it is that the wings produce an upward force called lift. This force is produced by the ailerons on the wings, which are the main flaps that enable pilots to land and take off at lower speeds, in addition to allowing the plane to bank left or right.


The fuselage doesn’t aid the aircraft with flight. Instead it is the main body of the aircraft and serves to hold passengers, crew (including the cockpit) and the cargo. In some aircraft, such as single engine aircraft, the fuselage can be used to hold the engine. While the fuselage isn’t a part directly necessary for flight, it can certainly help with positioning stabilization and control surfaces in relation to lifting surfaces.

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