Aircraft Metal Services and Repair

Due to the intensity of aviation operations, many components can easily face wear and tear over time, and other parts may become bent, dent, or otherwise deformed due to stressors or force. As a loss of integrity or a change in functionality can affect the overall performance and safety of an aircraft, it is imperative that damaged items are rapidly attended to in order to ensure that the aircraft gets back up and flying again as soon as possible.

While many make seek to simply replace a damaged or deformed part, there are some items that can be very expensive to procure. In such instances, a repair may be more suitable to remedy the issue. In the instance where the component in question is made from metal, metal aircraft services can be the solution. Damage to a metallic component can result from various incidents, often caused by the collision of two objects, a mishap during servicing, and more. In such instances, it is best to utilize a metal aircraft service to return all parts back to airworthiness.

Metal aircraft services can assist with various aircraft components including ducting, auxiliary power unit mufflers, nozzles, exhaust plugs, engine components, and much more. During these services, MRO experts may inspect parts and repair them back to their original form so that they are ready for the next flight operation as soon as possible. The first step is to assess damage, checking to see whether an issue is minor or major. Sheet metal structures with minor damage may have missing or damaged rivets, corroded surfaces, small dents and cracks, or scratches. When structures begin to be majorly deformed or damaged, such issues are considered to be major.

Any missing fasteners will be replaced, and the same type as the original will be used to ensure compatibility and reliability. Scratches, meanwhile, are treated to prevent corrosion, and burnishing or polishing scratches can help a technician remove the damaged area while ensuring that cracking does not occur. Cracking can nevertheless be treated, and such surfaces are stop-drilled before a small sheet metal patch of the same thickness is riveted over. This will ensure that integrity is restored and that vibration will be unable to enact further damage.

Corrosion can be very detrimental to sheet metals, causing such components to lose their strength. When corrosion is detected, it is important that it is quickly removed with fine sandpaper, Scotch-Brite pads, aluminum wool, or other various tools. Then, the aluminum will be acid-etched to remove light corrosion and oil while ensuring a surface that a primer may bond to. If the corrosion is too great for such repairs, then the sheet metal will require full replacement to be airworthy.

While damage to various metal aircraft components is undesirable, a repair can often prove to be more feasible than replacement. In the case that a replacement is required, however, one should always source their parts from a reliable distributor that they can trust. For the most competitive prices and unmatched services, there is no alternative to Aviation Distribution.

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