What is the Purpose of Drain Valves?

While the collection of moisture is fairly unavoidable, unchecked accumulation can eventually result in heavy damage that can only be reversed with significant repairs or the replacement of parts. In order to mitigate the buildup of hazardous moisture, assemblies utilize what is known as a drain valve for protection.

A drain valve is a small piece that is installed near the bottom of an air tank or the air receiver of a compressor. With such placement, the valve can ensure that moisture is collected and removed from various surrounding pieces and components. Additionally, they may also be paired with other equipment such as filters, air dryers, water separators, and drip legs to further ensure moisture removal.

While air is in a gaseous form and in its natural state, a large amount of water vapor may be present. As air is compressed for a number of applications and uses, its vapor holding capacity will quickly begin to diminish. This leads to the creation of condensation due to clumping, simulating the formation of rainstorms within an enclosed space. With the presence of a drain valve and its opening, excess water may be expelled from the system and vented into the atmosphere. While simple in functionality, the prevention of condensation buildup can extend the service lives of countless components and materials as they are guarded against corrosion and wear.

Depending on one’s particular needs, there are a few common types of drain valves available which feature varying methods of operations. Float-operated drain valves are those that permit the flow of water into a special housing, ensuring that fluids are unable to build up once surpassing a set threshold. Timer-controlled types, meanwhile, are set to open and close on programmed intervals, allowing them to excel in highly regulated applications. The final common variation is the zero-loss drain valve, featuring sensor probes that can determine the amount of accumulation within a space. Similar to the float-operated valve, the zero-loss valve will activate draining at a set threshold, utilizing a solenoid to open and close the valve through electric signals.

In general, a number of modern drain valve components are automatically operated, thus there is little need for manual intervention. Some, however, may be manual, and thus it is important to make a decision based on the requirements and compatibility of the application in question. It is also important to protect drain valves from failure which may be caused by a deteriorating gasket, distortion, or damage. As dysfunctional valves can cause moisture or compressed air to leak, one should always do what they can to choose compatible parts and maintain them over time. When you discern what type of drain valve is best fit for your particular operations, look no further than Aviation Distribution.

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