Global Aircraft Altimeter and Pitot Tube Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts 2019-2025

The monitoring of an aircraft’s performance and data will continue to be one of the most useful tools in the aerospace industry. The main driver behind demand in this market is commercial aviation. Air Data Systems (ADAs) like the altimeter and pitot tube measure air pressure to determine an aircraft’s altitude above sea level and airflow speed. This and other valuable data is utilized to produce accurate vertical speed, airspeed, altitude and winds aloft. Advancements in digitalization, alternative technologies like photonic-based systems, proliferation of drones, and de-icing technologies will revolutionize this industry.

Worldwide, the Aircraft Altimeter and Pitot Tube market is projected to grow by $97.3 million, driven by a compounded growth of 3.9%. By 2025, a narrow-body aircraft’s use of these instruments alone is forecasted to double its current market compounded growth value to $202 million. Some of the key manufacturing competitors in this market include Honeywell International, Inc., Rockwell Collins Inc., Thales Group, TransDigm Group, Inc., and United Technologies Corp.

Expanded global fleet sizes also make market growth not only promising but inevitable. The more aircraft being used the greater the need for replacement parts and upgrades to safety equipment.  Aftermarket parts are valued in the billions and are projected to continue to rake in high revenue returns up through 2029. This makes the MRO industry and instruments like the altimeter and the pitot tube high demand commodities.

The importance of atmospheric condition data is a vital and preemptive form of aircraft safety. To properly maintain safe and efficient travel, data must be collected, analyzed and acted upon. This will be the driving force behind market demand for instruments like the altimeter and pitot tube. 

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