The Basics of Network Hardware

When establishing a network and connecting systems, there are a few basic components that one should be familiar with. While an initial set up can seem daunting for someone who may not be well versed in various network components, the process is easier once you have a basic understanding of what each main part is, as well as their functions. In this blog, we will provide a short, basic overview of the main network components.

One of the most basic components of any network is the network cable. Through connecting components together with network cables, data can be easily transferred from one device to another. RJ-45 connectors are one of the most commonly used types of network cable. These can be used to connect routers or computers to modems, computers to each other, and many other configurations depending on the network need.

Routers are devices that create a wireless connection between various computer networks for data transfer. Most routers also contain ethernet cable ports for hardwire connections from computers, as well as to connect the router to the modem. Modems are an important network device that can be connected to the internet with a coaxial cable as well as a computer or router to translate analog waves to provide internet for a system.

Network Interface Cards (NIC) are important for your computer or system to be able to connect to and access the internet. They can either be installed internally or externally to the computer and provide for a connection of the system to the internet via a cable or wireless connection.

Other important network components include repeaters, hubs, and switches which all create the ability to link systems together on a single segment. Repeaters allow for the extension of a data signal as it regenerates it before transmitting it again, and a hub is essentially a multiport repeater. Lastly, a switch takes the data that it receives and then sends it on towards the destination device that has been selected.


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